Domestic Violence Events: updated as of 05/04/2012
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I have been a victim of domestic violence for many years. At first, I thought he really loved me by trying to control me in whatever I wore and whatever I did. Gradually, things (the abuse) grew worse, from emotional, to verbal, physical and even financial. I stayed in the relationship because I though that I could really change him, each time I tried, he promised to change, but never did.

It finally occurred to me that maybe I was wasting my life and precious time in a relationship that seemed to be going nowhere. It took me nights and a hungry stomach to realize that I really needed to wake up and, "smell the coffee." I couldn't stand to see my daughter looking at me crying, and saying, "Don't cry Mommy, it's going to be alright."

The last time I saw my batterer was when he decided to curse and hit me in front of my kids. I picked up the phone and made an immediate phone call, as soon as he was out the door. I was placed in the Urban Women's Retreat I. For the first two weeks everything was hectic, but the counseling classes, and Domestic Violence Support Group helped me, slowly but surely. I felt special and I was able to understand that there are other women in the same predicament as I am, and even worse. I am very happy to get the help that I deserve, and I am looking forward to an abuse free life in the future. Also, I'm able to get A.C.D. childcare for my two children, I'm also able to get myself into an internship program, which allows me to get training and payment while I work towards a possible full time job. I am also learning how to use computers. Now, I'm waiting for my housing application, and I'm looking forward to a better life, for my two precious children and myself.