Domestic Violence Events: updated as of 05/04/2012
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tax-deductible donations | volunteers/ employment

Tax-Deductible Donations

For the Library:

The Lewis E. Bingham Domestic Violence Library and Clearinghouse does not currently receive funding and relies on gifts and monetary donations for operations and library holdings. The library welcomes gifts of books, periodicals and pamphlets related to domestic violence, to add to our holdings. Monetary donations are also welcome to purchase holdings and to assist with operational expenses.

If you would like to help, please see the Contact Us section and let us know, or call URI at 718-260-2932.

For the URI programs:

Donations to URI's domestic violence programs are welcome. In addition to monetary donations, items such as clothing for women and children, baby articles, school supplies, toys, household items and personal care items are needed.

You may contact us at URI's central office at 718-260-2932.
For other donations to URI/ARTC, please go to our agency website at

Volunteers/ Employment

The library welcomes volunteers to assist in the dissemination of information and other volunteer activities, such as training and presentations to groups. Employment and volunteer opportunities are available throughout URI's programs. If you are interested in a position in URI's domestic violence program, or in other programs operated by URI or ARTC, please contact the Office of Human Resource at 718-260-2997, or visit our website at