Domestic Violence Events: updated as of 05/04/2012
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DV Events, Conferences, Training

1. 2012 Domestic Violence Basics by the Erie County Coalition Against Family Violence
Description: This half-day training institute is designed for social workers, counselors, clergy, attorneys, court personnel, advocates, probation officers, police, and other interested professionals and individuals interested in receiving foundational information about domestic violence from the perspective of the National Battered Women's Movement. Information presented by the faculty will include statistics on who is abused, dynamics of domestic violence, understanding battered women and their safety needs, and working to empower victims of domestic violence.
Date: May 9 2012
Location: Kenmore, NY

2. 2012 Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence Annual Conference
Description: Will provide an overview of the social and physical consequences of domestic and sexual violence. Geared to all workers in this field.
Dates: June 26-28 2012
Location: Portland, OR

3. International Family Violence and Child Victimization Research Conference
Description: Every year, many excellent conferences on youth victimization and family violence take place around the country and the world. Our conferences differ because of their research focus. Our conferences offer a unique opportunity for researchers and scientist-practitioners from many disciplines to come together to share the latest cutting-edge data on the dynamics and consequences of violence and evidence-based prevention and intervention.

Dates: July 8-10 2012
Location: Portsmouth, NH

4. 2012 National Call to Action Institute and Conference
Description: This conference pursues the following objectives:
• To highlight the disproportionate violence that women of color victims suffer and the issues that overlap and further amplify violence.
• To enhance the leadership capacity of women of color advocates reaching and serving women of color victims.
• To build and enhance the capacity of aspiring male and white women aspiring allies to insist upon racial, gender and class equity within anti-violence programs in order to reach and serve communities of color and support the leadership of women of color advocates.
• To reinforce the importance of collective empowerment and the ties across communities that can lead to collective survival.
• To support, maintain and strengthen collaborations.
• To strengthen current and new action plans that emerges from the National Call to Action Institute and the National Call to Action Conference.
Dates: July 9-13 2012
Location: St Paul, MN

5. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 15th National Conference Domestic Violence
Description: Join the many advocates, activists, survivors and allies working to end domestic violence for this critical conference aimed at challenging and informing those working within the movement and/or "system" to provide the most effective solutions and support to domestic violence victims. At each NCADV conference, we work to 12through specialized workshops and discussion sessions, strategy sessions, survivor institutes, caucus meetings, our Survivor Speak-out, and other organized events aimed at providing a space for victims and survivors to process their experiences, connect with others and heal. Our conference themes, workshops, presenters and events are structured to provide victim service providers and allied professionals with the information they most need to guide, challenge and improve their work.

The plenary sessions that will be held over the course of the conference will be on the topics of:
• Intersecting Violence
• Radical Solutions for Ending Violence
• Women's Use of Violence
• The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
Dates: July 21-25 2012
Location: Denver, CO

6. 2012 Conference Institute on Domestic Violence in the African-American (IDVAA)

Description: Explore the challenges of addressing class, culture, ethnicity and social context among Black Americans. Its overarching goal is to develop meaningful approaches to serving survivors of domestic violence and their families in all parts of our community.
Dates: Aug 13-14 2012
Location: Norfolk, VA

7. 2012 Domestic Violence Conference: Connecting the Dots

Description: The California Partnership’s Annual Statewide Conference on Domestic Violence provides a forum for the discussion and dissemination of viable solutions to tackle and end domestic violence
Dates: Sept 13-14 2012
Location: San Diego, CA

8. 14th Annual Ending Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Conference

Description: Focus and discussion areas include: Human Trafficking, Disability, Substance Abuse Prevention, Non-profit Administration, Media, Advanced Clinical & Mental Health, Victimization of Marginalized Communities, Workplace Safety, and Children & Youth.
Dates: Dec 5-7 2012
Location: Lexington, KY