Domestic Violence Events: updated as of 05/04/2012
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1. What are the hours of operation for the library?

The library hours are by appointment only with access available Monday thru Friday. Please click on the contact us section to arrange for an appointment.

2. Who will have access to this library?

Access to the library is available to students, educators, researchers, clinical staff of social service and health-related programs, employees of criminal justice and legal agencies, domestic violence victims and other interested individuals.
Please contact the library for further information.

3. What holdings, ie. Books, will the library carry? Will users have access to
journals or periodicals as well?

Holdings include books, Journals, research abstracts, and informational
pamphlets, pertaining to domestic violence and related topics. Users will have
access to all these holdings.

4. How many holdings can one expect to find in such a library?

Holdings are listed on the NDVL Website, and will be updated as new holdings are obtained.

5. Domestic Violence is such a broad subject area. What areas pertaining to
domestic violence can one expect to find literature on?

The library's holdings are concentrated in the area of intimate partner violence;
however, areas such as child abuse, violence against the elderly and disabled are
also represented. See the listings of current holdings on our Website.

6. Can materials be taken out or borrowed from the library?

The library is currently serving as a reference library; therefore, materials may not be borrowed unless special permission is granted. A copy machine will be available for library users.

7. Can abstracts or full text journal articles be accessed online?

Abstracts of URI's research can be accessed online on our Website; however, due to copyright laws full text journal articles are not available online.